Jan 15

Yesterday morning the house was quiet and most of the kids were still in bed when I woke up alone.  It was cold in the room but warm under the covers.  I could hear my wife downstairs in the kitchen and could smell coffee so I knew she’d been up for a while.

We have this cute thing, I think, where we send each other texts from bed.  So I sent her one to come warm me up.  I fell back asleep and woke up to her climbing in bed.  We talked a little and mostly just pressed our bodies together.

I started rubbing her skin and she made some purring noises so I moved to her nipples, through her shirt.  We started kissing and she started playing with my dick until it was hard.  I moved my hand down to her pussy and started warming her up, dipping my fingers to get them wet and playing with her clit.  This really got her jerking my dick but I didn’t want to come yet so I kept pushing her hand away with my arm.

We were kissing hard and she was pretty worked up when she asked breathlessly, “Are you going to fuck me?”  I got between her legs and rubbed her clit with the tip of cock, teasing her pussy a little.  I climbed on, held her close to me, pumping her pussy while she breathed heavily into my ear.  I got up on my elbows, she held her tits up and I sucked her nipples while I pumped.

Her pussy was clamping on my dick and I could tell she was coming, and pretty soon I was too.  I rolled off and lay there for a bit, in the morning sun, catching my breath.  Not a bad way to start a Sunday.


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