Feb 25

She’d been very attentive and lovey dovey Saturday, more than normal.  When we got home from dinner we laid down to watch a movie and she almost immediately started grinding her ass back into me and rubbing my dick through my pants.  We went upstairs and climbed into bed.  By the time I got there, she was already naked.

We started off stroking each other and once my dick was hard, I got onto my knees and fed her cock while I rubbed her clit.  Soon she says “I’m hungry for your dick” but I made her wait a little so I used my tongue on her pussy and clit until she was moaning.  I turned her in the bed and slid my cock into her and pumped away and sucked her nipples.

I could feel my orgasm getting close.  I grabbed her hand, and put her fingers on my nipple and told her to squeeze them.  She was doing it but not hard enough so I was telling her “harder, you’re not going to hurt me, do it harder.  harder.”  That must’ve really turned her on because she was moaning even more and her eyes were rolling up into her head.  I filled her up, rolled off and passed out.

Really good night.  First one in a long time.  I need to figure out what the difference was.


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