So you’re probably wondering why someone would do this?  Or what kind of person is this?

Second questions is easy: I’m a middle aged guy who lives in California.  I have a wife of about 20 years and three kids.  I work in a big corporate office and feel like I bust my ass all day to provide for my kids and wife, the activities they do, and hopefully some day afford to pay for college.  Yeah, I’m being purposefully vague in case someone I know comes across this.

Why do this?  Yeah, good question.  Partly cathartic.  Partly to document.  Maybe my story helps someone.  Maybe it helps me.  I just know I have to air it out or it’s going to eat me up inside.  Maybe this goes nowhere.  Maybe it helps me talk to my wife better.


This is all 100% true, I’ll never fabricate anything you read here.